baby cot bed target Baby cot bed target

Chemicals and materials of concern Why non-toxic? First, their tiny little bodies make them vulnerable; pound for pound, they are exposed to more contaminants than adults. Second, their immature metabolism and organ systems are less capable of fending off harmful chemicals. And last, the fact that babies put their hands, toys, and everything else in their mouths makes them more likely to ingest the chemicals to which they are exposed.

Solid wood or manufactured alternatives using safer glues, non-toxic wood finishes If your budget allows, seek out furniture constructed out of solid wood. Then, regardless of the wood content, also look for wood furniture with a legitimately non-toxic finish; this means it is no- or low-VOC volatile organic compound and does not contain any heavy metals. A few of the only truly non-toxic wood finishes include shellac, beeswax, tung oil, and linseed oil flax seed oil.

It simply means that they meet federal safety standards for lead in paint or surface coatings — i. Look for products with documented test results of lead and other heavy metals.

A sleeping bag with holes for the baby's arm and neck adapted to the baby's size is a safe choice. Possible dangerous situations in which you should ask your doctor for advice: My daughter is 28 months and she can't climb out of it yet because it's much bigger than a cot.

Additionally, the entire crib is coated with lacquer. But remember that a wooden frame will contain some formaldehyde due to it naturally occurring, in wood. All paint and lacquer are manufactured with water based non-toxic materials. Does the Gulliver crib have formaldehyde or VOCs in it? The IKEA limit value is equal to the most stringent requirement in Europe and is for a complete product max 0.

Less than what is required in North American. Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 crib Babyletto is another brand owned by the same company as DaVinci and holds itself to the same high safety standards claiming that it far exceeds industry requirements for lead and phthalates, for example , but offers irresistibly modern designs.

Not only do we love the modern, low-rise design, but even more importantly we also love its safety profile. The Hudson is manufactured in Taiwan.

El Greco Woodworking Our pick for modern non-toxic cribs available through mainstream channels are those made by El Greco Woodworking. See more details on how El Greco furniture is made here. All of their pieces are made from solid wood a variety of hard woods are available , and incorporate no engineered or composite woods. They can be purchased either finished with food-safe linseed oil or unfinished. Moreover, all of their pieces are made in the USA, from sustainably grown wood.

Green Cradle produces nursery sets in a wide range of styles, from traditional to more modern. Matching dressers , changing tables , bookcases , and more are also available. Pacific Rim Pacific Rim is another premium nursery furniture brand. Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic Crib Mattress Naturepedic is widely recognized as the premier source of organic, non-toxic mattresses. Their mattresses consist of a organic cotton outer both cover and filling , food-grade polyethylene waterproofing layer in the waterproof models only , and a steel innerspring.

It contains no foam, plastics, or flame retardants. It gets pretty good reviews, though some customers complain about an initial smell. It comes with a night comfort guarantee and a year warranty. They are made in the USA and come with a year warranty. Conventionally growth cotton is cultivated using a staggering amount of pesticides. If you buy conventionally grown cotton bedding, wash it several times before use.

baby cot bed target Baby cot bed target

It also comes in more, brighter color options. Flame retardants, non-certified safer polyurethane foam Beware any products containing polyurethane foam , particularly those manufactured before , when new flammability standards came into effect in California making it easier for furniture manufacturers to meet the standards without the use of chemical flame retardants. They have high backs for good support, and the higher-end models recline and can be locked in various recline positions.

All Dutailier frames are made mostly of solid hardwoods except for the sides and some assembly components , and the cushions are filled with CertiPUR-US certified polyurethane foam and polyester fill. According to Dutailier customer service, their foam no longer contains any flame retardants as of March Dutailier products manufactured before that date, however, likely contain flame retardants though not PBDEs or chlorinated tris , so beware earlier models that you may find secondhand.

The outer fabric is Oeko-Tex certified microfiber. In particular, polyurethane foam changing pads manufactured prior to January when changing pads were finally exempted from from CA flammability standards under the revised TB standard are very likely to contain flame retardants. No matter what material your changing pad is made out of, make sure it is free of flame retardants.

If a waterproofing layer is important to you, look for safer waterproofing materials such as polyethylene or polyurethane laminate. Recommended products Everyday pick: Add an absorbent cotton layer cloth diaper prefolds like these are cheap and work great! Traditional paints Traditional paints include solvents that help ingredients to stay evenly dissolved and to dry.

However, they emit volatile organic compounds VOCs as they dry.

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Also check out this list of other low- and no-VOC paints from Babycenter. Flame retardants, fabric coatings Avoid flame retardants whenever possible.

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  • Strollers manufactured prior to December when strollers were exempted from the flammability requirements of CA TB are very likely to contain flame retardants. And while many strollers manufactured after that date do not contain them, there is no guarantee, so you should definitely check. You will probably need to inquire directly with the manufacturer to find out what if any specific flame retardants they use.

    According to research from the folks at Organic Baby University , the following stroller manufacturers self-reported flame retardant use at time of writing: Other sources suggest that Inglesina and Peg Perego may have phased out flame retardants since then. Others may have as well, given changing regulations.

    baby cot bed target Baby cot bed target

    As always, we recommend checking directly with the manufacturer before making a purchase. Avoid any fabrics treated with any coatings e. BOB strollers reportedly have a polyurethane coating for stain resistance.

    Orbit Baby features only uses fabrics certified to the Oeko-Tex Standard. Based on email correspondence that we have had directly with Baby Jogger customer service, they stopped using flame retardants in their strollers as of September If you have an older model, you may be able to purchase a replacement set of fabrics from them. According to Organic Baby University , the following stroller brands are also free of flame retardants based on self-reporting from the manufacturers: Car seats Unfortunately, nearly all car seats sold in the U.

    However, you still have room to make a safer choice within these constraints.

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  • Additionally, there are a handful of car seats that are actually able to pass safety standards without the use of any flame retardant chemicals for example, by utilizing treated fabrics or naturally fire-resistant materials such as wool. Brominated and chlorinated flame retardants Avoid car seats treated with halogenated i.

    Unfortunately, this includes almost all car seats on the market. Nuna, Clek, Cybex, Orbit Baby, Diono, Britax, and UPPAbaby are the brands we are aware of that either claim to use safer flame retardants, or to sell seats that meet the flammability standards without the addition of chemical flame retardants.

    If desired, you can also look for Oeko-Tex certified fabrics, which meet or exceed strict limits for nearly chemicals including heavy metals, phthalates, formaldehyde, pesticides, and flame retardants. Orbit and Nuna car seats feature Oeko-Tex certified fabrics. Our chemical free flame bonding application of merino wool to foam allows us to rely on the inherent fire resistant qualities of wool to pass government flame retardant standards under FMVSS You can keep an eye out for the it at Pish Posh Baby.

    Top infant car seat pick: Per a phone conversation I had with their customer service team, none of the exterior fabrics is treated with flame retardants, only the interior foam. We also love how refreshingly forthcoming this company is about what chemicals are used in their seats.

    Top convertible car seat pick: This was confirmed for models by third-party independent tester HealthyStuff.

    Their G2 products used only Oeko Tex certified fabrics AND foam, however since their foam supplier went out of business they have transitioned to only using a bromine-free standard for their foam. You can see a statement from Orbit Baby here.

    Britax B-Safe infant and convertible car seats Britax has made major strides in this area and seems to have been doing a great job of marketing it as well recently. They have switched to exclusive use of safer, non-halogenated fire retardants , as of January 1, Diono explains that the micro-mesh velour fabric is flame retardant without requiring any added chemical treatment.

    The interior foam is likely still treated with flame retardants, but overall this is still better than most other car seats on the market. Flame retardants Sadly, many baby carriers especially older ones contain flame retardants. Baby carriers sold prior to December when carriers were exempted from the flammability requirements of CA TB are very likely to contain them, and some sold after that date inexplicably contain them as well.

    Boba also confirmed via email that they have never used flame retardants. You can safely pick any of these carriers that meet your needs for specific recommendations, see here.

    If you desire, organic or certified-safe fabrics are also available from several manufacturers. Organic cotton editions are available from Ergo and many other manufacturers.

    Baby Bjorn carrier fabrics are certified to the Oeko-Tex Standard Class 1 standard, indicating that they are free from all substances hazardous to health and allergens. Flame retardants, non-certified safer polyurethane foam Many playards contain mattresses made of polyurethane foam , which has potential to offgas and most likely also contains flame retardants especially those manufactured prior to , when playards were exempted from flammability standards under the revised CA TB Unfortunately, manufacturers are not required to stop using flame retardants in playards, so you still need to do your homework.

    In particular, be aware that the ultra-popular Graco Pack N Play did contain fire retardants prior to January



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