buy baby cot bed online india Buy baby cot bed online india

Thursday, 22 August why i bought crib and how i decided which one is best for me Why I bought a crib or cotbed for my baby when every baby sleeps with parents in India? I know very few people buy cribs in India,most people here have never even heard of it.

Those who knows about it ,consider it as a western thing.

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In every house in my neighbourhood babies sleep with their parents in their beds. Initially my baby slept with us in our bed too. I was not afraid i would hurt her as like any parent from our country. As a result I was not getting proper sleep,neither my husband nor my baby.

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  • Got really confused whether to buy or not. How I made my final decision??? My baby was already four months old ,so started rolling. I didn't want a cot that will be a waste later on. Someplace where she is safe when i am not around.

    buy baby cot bed online india Buy baby cot bed online india

    Since I live alone with my husband not in a joint family ,baby's safety was a major issue during her playtime or nap during day when I am working in kitchen or elsewhere attending someone at the door.

    I liked wudplay products a lot all made of Teakwook. I liked mothercare cribs a lot so finally zeroed my search on it.

    buy baby cot bed online india Buy baby cot bed online india

    I bought Mothercare Addington cotbed. I put it next to my bed.

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  • My baby naps during day in it. I don't worry about her falling anymore. Once she will stop night feeds,I will put her to sleep in crib only next to our bed,so that I can easly caress and pat her.

    Watch how they manage to escape even the securest of cribs. Some are passed down generations or made at home, but you can also buy modern baby hammocks or cloth cradles in baby stores or online. To make your little one feel safe and happy, we have a diversified range of cribs that will surely make you buy one for your child.



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