silentnight cot bed duvet size Silentnight cot bed duvet size

King Size - 60 x 78 89 x 87 Super King Size x 87 The basic idea is that the duvet should fully cover the mattress and lap over a few inches all the way around. Which Duvet is Best for Children? The maximum tog rating for any child's bed should never be higher than Children are smaller and as such an adult size duvet would trap more air around their smaller frame.

That would mean they could easily over heat.

silentnight cot bed duvet size Silentnight cot bed duvet size

The majority of people buy a 7. Babies should be using special cot blankets and quilts and not duvets. They are absolutely not suitable for babies under 12 months.

Again, there are few things worse than having to deal with a late-night accident and not having a fresh set of bedding while the soiled set washes. I am not sure I would change anything about this product. We actually took the duvet to another house one night and because it was a good size, it was really easy to transport.

The British Standard's Authority have written a full explanation of this, which you can read by clicking here. It is from the Slumberdown brand.

silentnight cot bed duvet size Silentnight cot bed duvet size

You can get this one in 4. The sizes available are for single, double and king sized beds.

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  • It is also machine washable and tumble dry safe. Packed with luxury goose feathers, and with the tight box stitching, this is a high end cotton duvet. It has a very good thread Count. It is also suitable for people who suffer from house dust allergies. This is a mid-range style of duvet, that is suitable for use in the Spring and Autumn. The cover is made from polycotton. It is filled with high quality hollowfiber.

    The good news is that it is machine washable, and also comes with 5 year guarantee. For that sort of money, you probably will not get better value in the UK market. As such is is a hollow fibre, and includes the duvet and quilt. As the name would suggest this is the sort of duvet, you will want on your bed, when the icy cold winter nights arrive. This duvet is machine washable and comes with a 5 year guarantee. These are used by leading hotels all over the world.

    Why not bring that luxury into your own home? Like most of the Silentnight range, this one is also machine washable and comes with their 5-year guarantee. Despite the name, this duvet is actually made in the UK. It is the higher end duck feather and down duvet, so luxury at its best. This is a 3 in 1 duvet. It comes as a 1 x So you can use each separately or combine them depending on the time of year.

    You use the 4.

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  • When winter kicks in use them both together. The cover is polycotton cover with soft and comfortable hollow fibre filling.

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    Why not enjoy that at home? This comes with box style stitching, a hollow fibre filling and perfect for allergy sufferers. How about a duvet that splits right down the middle. Suitable for a standard king size bed Caring for Your Duvet Duvets should be washed and cleaned every 6 months and at least annually. Many duvet manufacturers will recommend taking the item to a professional dry cleaner.

    You can do this at home but to be honest most people will not have a big enough washing machine. The cheapest way to clean your duvet, if your washing machine is too small, is to take it to a launderette. In many cases it can actually be cheaper to buy a new one, which is madness. However that is the way that it works. If you have bought an expensive duvet, it is certainly worth having it dry cleaned once or twice a year. If you bought a cheap one, it really is as easy to buy another one after months or so.

    How to wash a duvet with synthetic fillings? Duvets with synthetic fillings can usually be washed at home. The sad reality is that the huge majority of domestic washing machines do not have a large enough capacity to allow the duvet to move around freely in the drum. If you do have a big enough machine, then use a gentle cycle, with minimum agitation, and a normal spin setting.

    When finished make sure it is completely dried and aired before using it again. How to clean a duvet or with natural feather or down fillings The majority of those are not washable and almost always require dry-cleaning. If you find that yours is washable, then wash on a gentle cycle using a detergent without enzymes. As before make sure they are completely dried and aired before use Using Your Duvet for the First Time When you open up your new duvet, you will know that it has come in a box.

    Inside that it will probably be wrapped in some type of plastic. You do need to really shake this out before putting it on the bed. Not only do you need to shake it out, but you need to leave it for a couple of hours, to let the fibres expand out.

    Quite often when first out of the box, the duvet can look much flatter than you expected. Give it a couple of hours after you have shaken it out, and you will notice a big difference. The buckle design keeps corners of comforter or duvets in place. Simple to use and get this chore done with ease.



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