boori cot bed reviews Boori cot bed reviews

By Janet Martin In a nutshell A long-lasting cot bed, ideal for parents ready to move their toddler to a bigger bed, but not ideal for newborns Pros Easy to assemble, sturdy, great quality finish, built to last.

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  • Cons Large, high fixed sides, limited warranty. Compare deals from top retailers MadeForMums Preferred Partner Our review Moving a baby from a crib, Moses basket or co-sleeper to cot or cot bed is quite a milestone.

    Australian brand Boori may have been selling furniture since , but it is the newest furniture maker on the block in the UK.

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  • Boori were also awarded a Greenguard Gold accreditation. This means their products are tested quarterly and annually to ensure minimal chemical emissions that could irritate the sensitive skin of young children. The Urbane range is positioned as ideal for modern living and small size pieces than their other collections. It converts from a cot to a toddler bed, has two base heights and is suitable from birth to around 5 year.

    With a month-old and a 3-and-a-half-year-old, I know too well how quick kids grow and how fast they can break things!

    He only got moved into a bed due to number 2, otherwise we would have kept him in it longer it converts to a toddler bed. Work out what really matters before letting the in-shop displays seduce you. Available in various colours combinations, the cot will easily fit in to any style nursery room and is perfect for trendy mums and dads who don't want to compromise on style.

    Assembly was fairly quick, we did it in just 30 minutes. Boori seem to have thought about assembly thoroughly. One of my favourite items in the box was an allen key with an oblong handle.

    Its as good as new and has also survived 4 moves Saying that, they were very easy to understand and we just needed to glance at them a few times as it was quite a logical process.

    The modified allen key helped facilitate assembly and I found it a quirky yet useful addition. The instructions were the typical illustrations that manufacturers use with just a few sentences to indicate which type of screw went where. Saying that, they were very easy to understand and we just needed to glance at them a few times as it was quite a logical process. Assembly should take place in the room it will be used in as at 78cm wide, it would be a challenge to fit through most doorways.

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  • We learnt this the hard way as we did the initial assembly in the living room while the kids were sleeping only to have to quickly take off one side to get it in the bedroom. It was too wide for the door and so long that it was hard to swing it round in the corridor.

    boori cot bed reviews Boori cot bed reviews

    To further test durability I got into the cot bed myself to see if it could take my weight. Not even a creak. Does the Urbane have a drop-down side?

    boori cot bed reviews Boori cot bed reviews

    My month-old is in the 98 percentile for height and weight so quite heavy — especially when in a deep sleep. I find that the process of lifting her up and over to put her down is something I have to think about and prepare for each time.

    I do wish this cot bed had a drop down side and feel that Boori have the skills to have done this well. How comfortable is it?

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    My daughter slept extremely soundly in her new bed and wakes up from sleep looking very refreshed.



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