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  • This post may contain affiliate links, sponsored content and products received at no cost. All opinions are my own. Make camping an amazing experience, create more sleeping space for holiday guests, go hunting for a weekend or months, and just get out there with Disc-O-Bed Bunk Bed Cots!

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  • Last August we took a fun camping trip. We set up our big tent and everyone's cots. Our tent is big, but wasn't not quite big enough for all 5 of our cots. Three of them had to overlap slightly in order to fit. It got me wishing we had a bunk bed cot for the tent.

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    It arrived a sturdy box wrapped with bands. It came in great condition. Inside the box are 2 glorious tote bags filled with one cot each. The cots are designed to use on their own, combined as a bunk bed and even combined as a couch!

    bunk bed camping cot Bunk bed camping cot

    Super sturdy and perfect for up to lbs. Assembly is simple, no tools needed. No straining or stretching In fact, I had my 2 boys assemble and disassemble them. My oldest is 15 and youngest is 9. They were able to set them up and take them down with ease. Take down for the first cot took them 12 minutes and the second took 6 minutes, so they got better as they went. One cot on it's own is very comfortable for sleeping and sitting. I love the pocket organizers that hook and loop on the sides too.

    They thought of everything! Stacked together makes a wonderful bed. Awesome for extra holiday guests inside the house too. The large size is perfect for a grown man, 6 foot 5 inches in height and up to pounds. They have kid size bunks and X-Large size bunks, in colors or camo.

    The top bunk alters slightly to make a couch for sitting. The bars on the back make it even nice to lean up against.

    bunk bed camping cot Bunk bed camping cot

    Great for visiting and socializing around the campground. There is lots of space between the top and bottom bunks. Roomy and not too noisy and wobbly when moving around on them. I can't wait to go camping again.

    Each of the 2 bunks can hold up to pounds. He said he felt perfectly fine up on the top bunk. Their beds are recognized not only as a staple for outdoor enthusiasts, but they also meet the demands of emergency relief and military troop deployment worldwide.

    The bunk is perfect for my boys and will fit perfectly in our tent now! Check them out and get adventuring!

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