bunk bed travel cot Bunk bed travel cot
We noticed that some oven trays had not been cleaned property and were just put back in the cupboard. Metres of gleaming white painted MDF, cut exactly to fit, sitting snugly in the space between the door and the wardrobe. Check out our MFM reviews:

Well, if you are travelling with children then we think this is a great size cabin to choose for an overnight stay. This is one of the largest cabins available and it means you can spread out and have a bit more space.

However, a couple of months later, still using this arrangement, I woke up in the night, looked at thr readybed and couldn't see him. On a south-facing slope, Pen Cliff has all the sunlight a day will give.

The Club 5 berth cabin did have a slightly different layout on these two routes. Personally, we liked the cabin layout on the Hull to Rotterdam crossing better. Although this can be different on the Hull to Rotterdam crossing.

The Rotterdam ferry, we had a double bed with a single bed above and then a bunk bed on the other side. We preferred this layout. So it is best to check if you require a certain layout. If you do get the club cabin a quick tip is to put the clothes hangers inside the dressing gowns as otherwise they rattle all night long!

bunk bed travel cot Bunk bed travel cot

The noise kept me awake the first time we travelled by ferry, so I now make sure to do this as soon as I enter the room before I forget. As the cabins have more room, you can still fit the travel cot and have space to move. Bed wise — when we have travelled our boys were both under 6 years old, so they have never used the top bunks.

This all depends on what works for you as a family and if your children move about a lot while sleeping. There are ladders for the bunk beds, and a small barrier. Every time we have boarded we have seen people going straight to reception to ask to upgrade their cabin. There are lifts but there is normally a wait. So much easier moving around the ship with a baby carrier.

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  • Travel Cots Travel cots are small and run out quickly, so if you want one make sure you book them up in advance. Hull to Zeebrugge crossing only from what I have read How To Stop The Rattling If you have a club cabin use the dressing gowns to stop the clothes hangers from rattling.

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  • Anything to stop the noise during the night works with us! Need A Night Light? For a night light we leave the bathroom light on and close the door too, it leaves just enough light for us.

    bunk bed travel cot Bunk bed travel cot

    Make sure you have an extension cable, so you can plug in multiple phones and devices. Oh, and bring an adaptor plug. Tips For Sleeping Together In One Room If you are looking on tips for sleeping altogether in one room then have a read of our survival tips for staying in a hotel room which may help you!

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  • Travelling by Ferry Tips If you are looking for some information on travelling by ferry with children then pop over and have a read as we have a few other tips there too. Have you ever stayed in a club cabin before. If so what did you think?

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