cot bed bumpers safety Cot bed bumpers safety

British and European safety standard for cot BS EN has very specific requirement over instructions for safe use, which come with your cot.

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The standard has a detailed requirement of how it is worded and presented. Never put baby down to sleep next to heat sources or in direct sunlight. Place your cot away from any heat sources and windows. Never place your cot under wall-hanging items like frames or shelving.

When a child is in the cot, always make sure the drop side if it has one is in the up position and check that both sides are fully locked. Keep well away from any kind of strings, cords or cable. Keep well away from any choking hazard or any small object that baby may swallow, including small objects that could potentially fall off i.

Check our mattress guide for safe use.

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  • Fitting should be checked regularly and tighten as necessary, do not over tighten and cause damage. Regularly check for damage and malfunction, stop use and contact manufacturer. Cot bumpers are not recommended, which is danger of suffocation and overheating. Cot bumpers provide foothold to climb out, and cot bumper ties pose a strangulation risk. Make sure to lower the adjustable base position as baby grows so that they are not able to roll out or climb out of the cot.

    Naturally, if you buy something for that purpose, you don't question the fact that it may actually be putting your children at harm. Information quality This rating indicates the comprehensiveness of the information supplied to us on each product.

    Make sure your cot base is on the correct setting, and check regularly to avoid potential injury. The highest base setting is generally suitable for use until they are about three months old. The lowest position is the safest and should always be used as soon as baby can sit up unaided.

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  • Many baby like chomping on the edge of a cot, so invest in a teething rail to avoid the risk of damage. Teething babies require additional care, so set base on the lowest position, so they are not able to reach and chew on top of cot ends or top of cot legs.

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  • Refer to NHS guideline for care of a teething baby. Inevitably at some point your baby will try to climb over the top of cot. When this happens, stop use the cot immediately and convert it to day bed.

    cot bed bumpers safety Cot bed bumpers safety

    Remember to toddler proof your home at the same time. Usually from 30 months old, the baby will show signs that it is time to convert the cot to a bed: If baby can stand, and reach over the top rail then may be able to climb out the cot.

    Some babies are natural-born climbers!

    Sleeping a baby on their tummy or side greatly increases the risk of SIDS. Also worth noting that many breastfeeding mothers will wake instinctively when their baby cries, even at night. However, when he's able to pull himself up to stand, the bumpers must be removed, as he can use the bumper as an aid in trying to climb out of the crib.

    Some as young as 8 and 9 months old, have been known to climb from their cots. Set the base to its lowest setting, and make sure to keep an eye out for when it is time to upgrade to a bed. Luullabytrust therefore recommend babies sleep in cots that are kept as clear as possible and specifically advise No pillows or duvets;.



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