cot bed canopy drape Cot bed canopy drape

View in gallery This is the type of canopy you can craft yourself at home. You need the right type of fabric, not too heavy but not too sophisticated either.

Step 1 - Select Your Fabric Depending on the colors in the nursery, select 2 fabrics that are complimentary. The support rails that anchor the headboard of the bed to the footboard. Wood or metal rails that rest on top of and between the two side rails in order to support a mattress and box spring.

Attach it to the ceiling and the wall so it looks symmetrical over the crib. Here it also frames the shelf. View in gallery You can use the canopy to imprint a certain look or style on the room.

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  • For example, in this case both the colors and the little details canopy included help give the nursery room a royal allure.

    Purple and gray is a sophisticated combo. View in gallery Most often, white canopies are preferred for cribs. Pair it with any accent color you like. View in gallery On the other hand, you can concentrate those accent colors in the print and design of the crib canopy.

    cot bed canopy drape Cot bed canopy drape

    This one blends green and yellow with a repetitive pattern for a balanced look. View in gallery Create a peaceful ambiance in the nursery by opting for simple, white, see-through fabric for the crib canopy.

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  • You can hang a mobile at the center without hiding it. You can make it shabby chic , contemporary or however else you want. View in gallery Instead of the classic canopy you can opt for curtains instead and use a pair of them to frame the crib. It could be a more practical idea if you decide to decorate the room yourself with stuff you already have. View in gallery This is not your usual kind of crib canopy but if definitely looks interesting.

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    The key is picking the right fabric in terms of color and pattern. The canopy hanging over the crib matches the window curtains. The approach is interesting and suits this traditional nursery room design.

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