cot bed kmart Cot bed kmart

But the latest trend for Kmart lovers is to repurpose popular items.

cot bed kmart Cot bed kmart

And these next level kid-friendly and very clever Kmart hacks are taking social media by storm. But when you add up the cost of the chair and the 2, beans it takes to fill it plus the time spent trying to fill the damn thing without spilling the Styrofoam all over the floor , is it really worth it?

And her toddlers LOVE them. Step Stool to Toddler Table Scrap the bulky high chair. Clever mums stick to step stools as the perfect servery for their pint-sized eaters.

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  • Just ask mum of one, Lisa Wishart, who shared a picture of her month-old daughter Chloe using the step stool at mealtime in Facebook group Kmart Mums Australia. Not only is it handy for pretty much ANY outing with kids, but it also doubles as a great cot on the go.

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  • Contact your nearest Kmart store and they may be able to find one for you. Shower Caddy to Bottle Holder Next we have the shower caddy hack which has officially solved that annoying baby bottle storage problem we all have.

    But now after a year in our home the renovations have began and I have gone from a taping-things-to-walls sorta decorator to someone who is making decisions about skirting board style. Deaths were linked to design flaws, incorrect use, inappropriate modification and the absence of mandatory standards.

    Rather than stack your baby bottles on the shelf or chuck them into a drawer, a mum from Texas made her very own baby bottle storage system… out of a shower caddy. You can even add hooks for dummy storage. And when baby grows, use it for water bottles. Book Shelf to Baby Wardrobe From the pantry to the nursery, our next hack solves the baby clothing storage problem.

    Or, you can make your own for a fraction of the cost. What you are left with is your very own Bento Box with six small compartments, perfect for storing snacks on the run.

    cot bed kmart Cot bed kmart

    And this is only the beginning of the fun these little storage compartments can offer! You can store all sorts of things in it — dummies, small toys, LEGO, coins, craft supplies.

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    The list goes on and on and on. With a little bit of pizzazz, you can easily convert it into a sneaky stuffed animal storage holder. Because we all know how bulky those stuffed teddies can be! This versatile little rack can be used for a number of other things too.

    I converted it into a dress-up corner for my daughter, which now holds her array of princess dresses and accessories. She has easy access to her costume closet shown below and sometimes even manages to hang the dresses up after she tries them on 15 times a day… sometimes. Of course, these are only a few of the ways mums have made-over Kmart products. What we love about these clever ideas is that they are easy and require zero or minimal DIY effort.

    No trips to Bunnings necessary. Have any other Kmart upcycle ideas to share? Make sure you add them in the comments section below.

    And check out our latest Kmart articles for all things Kmart-related.



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