cot bed reviews 2015 Cot bed reviews 2015

We loved the smell of it when it arrived it had a kind of farm smell- but in a good way! We both sleep so well on it and it somehow makes our new home feel more homely! My little one seems to sleep soundly on the new mattress. Thanks for your services. The mattress is very comfortable and our 1 year old sleeps very well on it too! I have had problems with insomnia all of my adult life so really wanted to get this right.

I also, more recently, have become aware of toxic chemicals that are in our cleaning products, toiletries and our furniture. I have spent the last couple of years trying to minimise the chemicals in our home by changing over to natural products where possible. As we spend so much time on our mattresses I thought it was really important to avoid chemicals and I also wanted comfort to help with my sleep.

They seem to be the only UK company that I could find whose mattresses are genuinely natural. I hesitated for a long time, probably a year or so, before I decided to purchase. I basically tried to see if I could find a cheaper option. I was worried that I might spend all this money and be disappointed. Eventually I decided to buy. This was following a bad bout of insomnia. The mattress I had been sleeping on was a memory foam one, which basically caused me to overheat all the time.

I knew this was caused by the memory foam so I decided to take the plunge and buy the new mattress. I have been sleeping on the Widecombe mattress for around 2 months at the time of writing this review and I am happy to say that I am over the moon with it.

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It is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I love it and I am sleeping liking a baby. No more waking up hot and uncomfortable and I can now function normally after a good nights sleep. The company were great to deal with and from the point of order our mattress arrived in less than 2 weeks. Giving us a specific time slot too. Before I bought it he done a lot of research into getting a new mattress and your company came out the best.

We found out about her intolerance when we moved to live in the UK. In most EU countries mattresses are not treated with anything, they are made of layers of foam basically. When we moved here, our daughter started having severe bouts of hives when going to bed. At first we thought it was the food, then we thought it was the water, then the weather and so on. We excluded all possible reasons when the last thing to eliminate was the mattress.

No more drugs, no more Emergency rooms, no more sick child. Also, the price was very good compared to similar products. With Cotton safe I know. The mattresses themselves are very well made, with wool and cotton layers inside and very high quality cotton sheet on the outside.

The children LOVE them! The mattresses remind me of my grand parents old mattresses used on spring bed bases in the past. Excellent products, the price is well worth it! Thank you and keep up the good work!

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  • The delivery was very quick and the packaging was minimal, which was great. Both our children are sleeping really well on the mattresses. Our 3 year old has been leaving our bed to return to his own bed, which he says is more comfortable, so that is a definite seal of approval!

    Thanks for the great service M. The futon was far too hard so we have had to buy a latex topper. I wish this had been explained to us. My son loves it and he seems to sleep much better than he used to.

    As we spend so much time on our mattresses I thought it was really important to avoid chemicals and I also wanted comfort to help with my sleep. This cot bed is designed, made and manufacturered to British Standards.

    I even recommended it to a friend, who purchased two from you. I love the fact that I bought from a family run business and that the mattress was safe and organic at such a reasonable price. Communication was amazing and delivery was very easy. I will be recommending you to others.

    Free and speedy delivery to the quality and comfort of the mattresses my son has honestly never slept better money well spent right there and I know how comfortable they are from first hand experience after spending a night on one with my sick 3 year old daughter as soon as I can afford it I shall be investing in a king size mattress form myself because they are just fantastic. Thanks for all your help S. It has been comfortable for our guests to sleep on, and it was very reassuring to know that the sleepers would not be breathing in any chemicals.

    I will be ordering a futon from you next! My son has not had any reactions to the mattress and there were no off gassing issues. Would definately recommend to others. We cosleep with our baby so knowing that it is free of toxic chemicals is very important to us, as is having a firm mattress.

    We have found it very comfortable too. But I love that they are natural and they are soft and cosy. With no fumes etc as other conventional mattresses have. He grows mentally and physically while he sleeps so a mattress has got to be the best safest, most natural and comfortable but supportive enough for growing bones I can afford, in my opinion.

    The Mattress has been wonderful. I am very happy about the fact that I know my son is sleeping on a safe comfortable surface and has slept very deeply on it ever since we got it.

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  • Definitely an extremely good value for money mattress and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to other parents. I will certainly be buying again from you as this mattress would cost considerably more elsewhere — and I did my research!

    I like the lavender bag on it too! I also went on to buy a wool mattress protector, but that was only in case my son wet the bed. I also bought a woollen duvet, so I think I am like a pig in mud or a sheep in a blanket, or pig in blanket. Or I could just say that the mattress I really well made and extremely comfortable. And that I would both buy from you again and recommend your company. Thank you for my well made mattress. I very much appreciate the construction that does not include chemical fire retardants.

    It was good to be offered a money-back guarantee but we can assure you it will not be coming back to you! We may well come back to you for another one in the near future.

    I absolutely love it! The mattress is incredibly comfortable and being completely natural I have no concerns at all about my daughter spending so many hours in it. Best nights sleep in a long, long time, my back is getting used to straightening up again and for the first time I slept soundly all through the night.

    cot bed reviews 2015 Cot bed reviews 2015

    The quality is wonderful and you can unzip to see all the lovely layers. Amazing customer service, so friendly and was kept up to date throughout the process. Now I can sleep with the comforting thought of no chems!

    All natural and sustainable and to know those lovely little sheepies have a fair and happy life! I knew I wanted a new mattress without any chemicals and any hidden substances added in the process.

    I soon realised the price range goes in thousands. Then I found your futon sprung mat but wanted to be certain about a quality of sleep in comparison to a mattress. Although I found most of the information on your website I found it really useful to be able to ask additional questions over a live chat. After I was completely happy with my choice I placed order and was very excited for my futon to arrive.

    Delivery was arranged exactly as it was agreed and the courier was very friendly. Most of all, I was surpised by the look of the futon because it was really thick and very nicely made.

    I wish all the best to you and your company. We were very pleased to receive our mattress about an hour after we spoke. The courier company were very helpful when we called and were happy to provide a delivery time which we were not expecting. The mattress itself is just wonderful. No odour at all. Very much looking forward to trying it out tonight. Eco credentials are really important to me I have an organic wool duvet, pillow and mattress topper and I have so much respect for your company in going that extra mile to provide products with no off-gassing.

    The customer service staff I spoke to were helpful, knowledgeable and pleasant, the delivery was prompt and the driver very nice. The mattress is the nicest, most comfortable I have ever bought and I do not regret spending more that I usually would as it is very well made even to the extent that there are small felt flower shapes covering the buttons.

    Excellent service, quick delivery and perfect packaging including the added bonus of a cute little lavender bag! I spoke to the sales staff who were both knowledgeable and polite and made the whole process incredibly easy. Speedy delivery and the quality of the mattress is brilliant. I ordered a medium hardness to support my back and it is by far the best mattress I have had.



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