cot bed with sliding side Cot bed with sliding side

June 29, at My mom bought us a crib.

cot bed with sliding side Cot bed with sliding side

She Believed Every baby needs a crib. My husband put it together A Few months ago, she is 21 months old. He Was planning to use it for her naps. She sleeps with us. I called the company and They told me to use a 2 4 to block up the sides. The mattress Was a standard size mattress, no reason for the gaps.

This size is designed for toddler beds. As your baby grows and you adjust the cot's base to a lower position, bending further over the cot side to pick up your now much-heavier child could be a problem. Elegant in design and superbly built, The Brampton Collection combines style with substance.

I Took pictures and emailed themto the company. It's as kindling to Concerned as I am. It is sitting in a heap in Our garage. It will stay there. I did not expect money back We'd Had it for over a year before we set it up. I will never suggest this company to a crib by ANY parent. This company does not Have a baby's best interest at heart. April 8, at There are going to be millions of parents with pulled back muscles October 3, at When I found out I was pregnant again my mother in law helped me search untill we found one with a multi level mattress support that was safe and affordable.

That was a bit of a search. Our second daughter is now 13 months old and the mattress is as far down as it will go and she has to at least sit up for me to reach her if she against the wall side of the crib. Since they made it illegal to make drop side cribs I think they should at least take those of us that aren't as vertically blessed when designing cribs.

November 23, at Or are we as a society are just looking at others for who is at fault? My heart goes out to all those parents who lost their loved ones to a product malfunction. What the article doesn't say is how many cribs have been sold in the same period? Accidents happen and some with tragic results. Both my sons had drop side cribs but both cribs were well made. Until corporate management stops outsourcing the manufacturing of the cribs to the lowest bidder, perhaps this will change.

You can have the best design but if the materials used are flimsy or inferior, more deaths are likely to happen. They get more money and recognition for being PC when, in fact, REAL wood and solid metal won't be trashed as quickly and can be re-used with confidence. It may not be all in the construction. It's the construction and cheap materials.

cot bed with sliding side Cot bed with sliding side

They are trying to fix what they broke because they broke what didn't need to be fixed 20, 40, 50 years ago. June 30, at My three sons all had drop side cribs and I found it very helpful to get them in and out of the crib.

How can a mother lift a baby out of the crib without a stool to reach them if they are short like me? The manufacturer should be held to a higher standard and we could still have a crib style that was used for centuries.

I agree that there will be many muscle problems associated with this new Government requirement. I am also very sorry for the deaths and injuries the defective cribs caused but not all drop side cribs are a problem. January 28, at It is heck to get my son out of the crib. I have to stand on the side an roll him to the front. Which if he is crying, only agitates him more. I won't use a stool because at 4am , I don't trust myself to slip and fall. I completely agree something needed to be done, but It is still very frustrating.

May 13, at Also, if they would have better manufacturing methods for drop sides, we could still have a drop side. Unfortunately, I'm very short 5 ft I can't reach into most cribs that are not drop side without getting a step stool I know there are some other options availble, but I've looked at those and they are extremely expensive!!!!!

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  • I am just over five feet myself. We bought an expensive and well-made crib up to previous standards before this came out for our children, with an extremely close-fitting mattress.

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  • It does have a drop side. I can't imagine trying to pickup a 30 pound toddler up and over the rails and we all know how compliant they can be if they don't want to go to sleep. THAT is an accident waiting to happen! May 21, at I expedite the removal of products at the direction of the "higher-ups". I, as a consumer and worker, have seen the quality of materials diminish.

    Wood is not pure wood and not solid, the gauge of metal is thinner and thinner, all in the name of environmental sustainability. I paid good money 21 years ago for a solid wood, "made in America" crib and changing table and used it for 2 children for a total of 4 years. We had no problems. We used bumper cushions and placed our babies on their stomachs just in case they spit up they wouldn't choke as quickly as if they were on their back.

    I didn't place the crib or bed under windows with blinds with strings. My mother would have cracked my fingers real good if I even reached for dangling strings I'm 48 now. My parents parented and didn't depend on the govt to do it. I am disgusted with constant govt intervention.

    The Nanny State ain't for me and mine. I could go on but I'll let you add to it. My daughter has inherited a mini crib from my family, but the mattress? The Colgate Mattress assemble the crib like a glove and has enough to pat my baby. I also bought the waterproof quilted mattress pad crib mattress holder for additional support.

    wooden sleigh cot bed

    Its nice and compact for those parents who want practicality?. I am what I am investing in, bens? My first was a premie and threw up often even after he burped. He would have choked if placed on his back. He is 40 now and made it just fine with the bumper in the crib as well. I would buy a drop side crib and make sure it was properly put together and made of quality materials if they were still available.

    I agreee with the fact that standing on a stool to take the baby out of the cirb is not safe. I am 5"" so how am I supposed to take them out without one? Cheap is as cheap does. To eat "organic" costs more; to furnish better costs more. So feed the people cheaper, "convenient" food, they get sick, they get assembly line health-care and the gov't gets to give money to pharmaceuticals and research companies.

    Make cheaper furniture, cars, toasters, etc. Fat people who drive plastic cars and put kids in cribs that collapse, next to windows with dangling strings, and use toasters and coffee makers that blow up I'm going to stop posting.

    I get too angry. And yes, I am conservative. I could not have said it any better! Just wish more people would take responsibility for their own lives rather than depend on the government to give them what they didn't earn or deserve!!!!

    September 4, at Since , only 32 deaths and of those what were the factors involved? I have had a drop side crib for 35 years, raised my two children, my sister then raised her two children, my friends and family have utilized this same crib, and now my four grandchildren, and not one problem.

    The bars on my crib are narrowly spaced, the crib mattress is so tight that you can hardly put the mattress sheets on, therefore nothing is wrong with my crib. However, now because of the government regulations, this crib along with millions of other will have to add to the landfills in our country.

    Overall very happy with the product. The recline mechanism is very easy to use and is particularly helpful for a baby who has reflux or mucus issues!

    Why should everybody have to be penalized because some caregivers did not use their drop side cribs properly. What is the percentage of births to deaths ratio from this problem? Abortion kills millions of babies every year, yet the government sanctions this action, talk about crazy! Our government makes no sense, then we wonder why our nation is having sooooo many disastrous scenarios occurring.



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