cot beds for twins in south africa Cot beds for twins in south africa
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Two car seats You will definitely require two infant car seats and preferably ones that are compatible with your twin pram so that you do not need to disturb your sleeping babies whilst moving the babies from the car onto the pram and vice versa. Bassinets or carry cots are handy to have, but not essential. Most are compact and can fold flat for easy transportation.

Bassinets can be used in your bedroom for the first few months. Car seats bases remain installed in the car and alleviate a lot of trouble strapping two car seats into the car. Car seat bases increase the safety aspect of all car seats.

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  • Choosing the correct travel system will give you the independence that you need to travel with your babies, short and long distance. Where will two babies sleep? Twins fare better co-sleeping when they are little but eventually you will need to buy two cots. It is best to provide for this before their arrival to prevent unnecessary stress once the twins arrive.

    There are many configurations available for twins. L-shaped cots are fantastic for small spaces as they fit into the corner of the smallest room. Babies can lie head to head and still have room to be separated.

    Cots that convert into toddler beds will allow you to use your cot and linen from birth to approximately three years of age.

    Your babies will also adjust quicker to sleeping in a bed. Toddler beds come with guide rails to prevent your restless toddler from falling out. The toddler beds are also low to the ground so that your toddler can climb in and out safely.

    Double Trouble is a Cape Town based company that specialises in baby products for Twins and Singletons. The Port Elizabeth Golf Course is ideally located across the road from the guest house. Each room is equipped with a TV with DStv, and a heater and fa

    Choosing a baby monitor for twins Twins that are born prematurely and have spent time in NICU, will need to be monitored using apnoea pads, also know as breathing pads. Preemies are more susceptible to suffer from apnoea episodes and therefore have an increased risk of SIDS sudden infant death syndrome.

    Apnoea monitors can be hired from most hospitals or bought in our local baby stores.

    They also used folding beds, which served as couches by day and had cushions covered with silk laid upon leather. Parents travelling alone with infants can also request a Meet and Assist Service on flysaa. Depending on the severity of the emergency the flight deck may divert to the nearest destination to afford the patient access to more suitable health care facilities.

    There are two types of apparatus that can monitor an infants breathing. Breathing pads can be placed under the cot mattress and monitor the babies breathing whilst sleeping in the cot only.

    If you would like the babies to co-sleep it is essential to look at the sensitivity of this type of breathing pad. Certain brands are not able to detect the breathing of two babies. An infant could suffer an apnoea episode without you ever being aware of it. Alternately, there are breathing pads that attach to the infants nappy. These devices are small and compact and monitor the babies breathing in every situation. Should they become dislodged the alarm will sound.

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  • Most of the breathing monitors come with a sound monitor so when the babies are old enough you will only utilise the sound component of the monitor. Pumping for two Breastmilk is essential for the survival and well being of preemies and small babies.

    The benefits of double pumping simultaneous breast expression compared to single pumping one breast followed by the other breast , are well known. Recent scientific research has not only confirmed this, but has also uncovered further benefits for pumping mothers.

    cot beds for twins in south africa Cot beds for twins in south africa

    Ideal for moms of twins Key advice to parents expecting twins is to keep practicality, versatility, safety and high quality as the forefront when purchasing your twin baby gear. Double Trouble is a Cape Town based company that specialises in baby products for Twins and Singletons. For more information, visit www.

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