cots turn into beds Cots turn into beds

Durability and consistence are both key with tots and this product does not disappoint. Our mum testers loved the protective teething rail and the spacious drawer at the bottom. Great versatility combines every function of this modern cot bed. Expertly crafted with solid birch and oak veneer, it is as robust as it is beautiful.

Has Eco-Tex certification. I totally recommend all new parents to consider one for their new babies!

A single handed drop side mechanism allows easy access to your baby and a full drawer on the runner provides extra storage. Protective Teething rail on top of both sides. Suitable from birth to approximately five years old. Requires mattress size x 70 cm and meets the British and European Safety Standards. Would you recommend this to other mums and dads? A quick peek over the top and a swift retreat! I really like this cot. How did this product make your life easier?

I like the versatility of the cot as it can be converted into a bed, saving the need to change bedroom furniture as the child grows up.

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  • This certainly makes life easier as it saves money! The rail chew bars are also a great addition to the cot as they protect the rails from being gnawed. Would you choose this product to win? Although this is great quality, it is on the pricey side which puts me off. However, I think it is very durable and beautiful to look at, so I would recommend it to others who could afford it! What changes would you make to this product? If I could change one thing about this product, it would be the drawer.

    It pushes in too far and constantly needs pulling out again to realign it to the position it should be in. This is a slight fault in the design. Would you recommend this to other mums? I would recommend the Babymore Bel Sleigh Cot to anyone who is struggling to find the right bed for their baby. I would even share the link on social media, I like it that much! You get so much use out of it because it lasts until the child is around four-years-old, which is very cost efficient.

    The Babymore Bel Sleigh cot bed is so much easier for mums because the product can be used from when baby is three-months-old, up to four or five years old. The drawer at the bottom is also extremely handy as it can be used to store clothes and nappies for quick access. I love getting value for my money and really feel that is the case with this product, it lasts for so long!

    I would recommend this cot to someone who likes the style of a sleigh cot bed. Being able to turn it into a cot bed means it can be used for a long time, which is great when investing money in a cot.

    Also, the drop side feature is useful to help easily manoeuvre baby in and out.

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  • This cot is ideal for when baby is old enough to move into their own room. The drawer underneath is useful for storage and there are different levels for the base that you can lower as baby grows. The drop side may be useful for parents who struggle to lean over the side of the cot, however this feature was not particularly easy to use. I really like this cot and think it is excellent quality, but I would not choose it over others because of the price.

    There are cots on the market which are just as good, but are cheaper. It would, however, be a statement piece of furniture in the right nursery, if you liked the design. It could definitely be easier to use.

    cots turn into beds Cots turn into beds

    I would definitely recommend this product to other mums, in fact I already have. It's a reasonably priced item because you don't have to replace it for many years! I also have quite stylish friends and the simple, yet beautiful design would fit in with all their different decors. The fact that this product will last me many years is a big plus, children grow so fast and having to replace furniture on a regular basis just isn't feasible or cost efficient, so my life is definitely easier this way.

    Also, the under drawer is so convenient for getting out new baby clothes. I would pick this product about all others on the market because of how long it lasts and the reasonable price. It's also very easy to put up! My partner isn't very good at flat pack furniture but he managed to help me put it up in speedy time. I just think there should be less packaging when it arrives. It came in so many different boxes which was a nightmare to recycle! I would recommend the Bel Sleigh Bed to families with larger rooms.

    As it is a cot bed, it is suitable for babies, toddlers and young children. This means that you only have to purchase one product which is great.

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    It also means that your child does not have to get used to a new setting for bedtime, which is good for consistent sleeping patterns. It is also better for baby as it is easier to put them in from the side if they are sleeping. Equally, the storage compartment under the bed makes valuable use of space. I would be unlikely to choose this cot as I live in a small house and it is quite large.

    I also felt that it was quite girly, I have a lively, active little boy and do not feel that the style suits him. However, I would definitely recommend this product as I can see all the advantages to it. If I could change one thing about the Bel Sleigh Cot it would be the overall size.

    cots turn into beds Cots turn into beds



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