east coast austin cot bed reviews East coast austin cot bed reviews

He did a three week board and train with Kelley and came back a totally different pup. He wasn't bad before but it was time for him to learn how to channel his energy. Kelley would send us video updates every other day to show us his progress. I was blown away with how much he learned in only three weeks. Whether it was Home Depot, the park, the farmers market, or Bed Bath and Beyond, he was being a good boy all over Austin! We have a very sweet but unruly Yorkie who was making our home life stressful and argumentative because of his incessant whining and barking.

We had already spent a fair amount on trainers that were only briefly helpful. We finally broke down and arranged for a two week board and train program with Sit Means Sit Austin.

Our dog was about a year and a half when we started with SMS. The folks here are clearly competent, experienced, and confident dog people.

The initial consultation was thorough, they do a good job of setting expectations, and most importantly they emphasize that a lot of the work of training a dog comes from you yourself, the owner. Consistency is key and you have to be proactive and involved. My favorite part of this package deal is that you get 1 year of free group training classes, which allows you continue the work of training. I think it's important to recognize that this training program is based on the use of a zap collar.

I am not happy about this, and I don't love it. I am sure some would argue their use is inhumane, and I understand that. That said, it has worked really well for us. I hope to discontinue it's use eventually, but for now, it has allowed us to establish boundaries and good behaviors, and life with our pup is once again lovely.

These board and train programs are not cheap think in the K range! I cannot say enough good things about Sit Means Sit; five stars is not enough. It's worth every penny and has completed changed our dog's life, as well as ours.

We sent our cattle dog mix, Red, to SMS for the two times per week extreme training and she literally came back a new dog. We had been through a number of treat-based training courses at other facilities and she was great when we worked through everything at home, but once we set foot outside of the house or if any distractions popped up, all was lost! Over the past year, she had become increasingly reactive, needy, jumpy, and protective of us.

No amount of treat training seemed to help and we had reached a point where she dreaded taking her out of the house. We saw a noticeable difference in our pup after just the first week of training.

Red now knows what we need her to do and what her "job" is. She's confident, relaxed, and more independent. We can now take her anywhere and she doesn't react at all to aggressive dogs, strangers who pet her without asking , cats, or squirrels. We even got compliments on a recent camping trip about how quiet and well-behaved she was all weekend.

We will definitely be using Sit Means Sit for all of our future dogs! I got two puppies and realized I was in over my head. I booked both into the board and train for a week and they came home different dogs. Everyone at Sit Means Sit are so helpful and professional. They are kind and patient when training. I would recommend them to anyone who needs to get their young and older dogs trained.

Sit means sit is great. When we adopted our dog we were 'forewarned' that he wouldn't ever be off leash or able to go to dog parks. They turned out to be very wrong as he does both of those regularly now. Sit means sit trained our dog really well, he was always excited to see Nate in the mornings and would wag his tail endlessly. Sit Means Sit totally transformed our dog from a good dog into an obedient, well-mannered puppy. We did a three week all day training program and I can honestly say you get out what you put into the training.

We worked hard with our puppy each week in between each session on the homework Nate gave us and we sure saw the changes each week in our dogs behavior and listening. We are still working with her to continue building good habits, but now we can walk her without pulling, take her off leash while hiking and know she will listen to us and have her remain on place while we have company over. We are so excited to continue into transitional and group class!

We are so grateful to SMS for all of the hard work that went into training Maddie! I can't believe that we've been with Sit Means Sit and I have yet to leave a review. These trainers are life savers!

east coast austin cot bed reviews East coast austin cot bed reviews

She was sweet but highly reactive on the leash, barked incessantly at full volume, was a menace in the car, and wanted nothing more than to eat our cats. We even had several other trainers turn us away because Callie was too much to handle or they didn't know what to do with her.

Our first few sessions at SMS were with Krystal, Carrie and Cortnie and we could not believe the marked difference in Callie's behavior in a short period of time. We went through several months of Feisty Fido classes with her - at first, she couldn't even cope with other dogs being in the warehouse at the same time. By the time we graduated from Feisty and into Transitional classes, Callie was sitting butt to butt and laying next to other dogs and we were able to introduce her to our friends non reactive dogs.

We now bring Callie to the advanced classes and are able to work her off leash around many other dogs, including some reactive dogs that once upon a time would have sent her into a fit. She is no longer a scared, yell at everything kind of dog - just a goofy, fun loving pup whose best friends are our two cats. Fellow classmates, friends and family cannot believe this is the same dog we brought in just over a year ago, nor can newcomers believe that she was feistier than most!

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In fact, we believe in the method so and love SMS so much that we've gotten our new rescue, Banjo, signed up to start classes as well. One thing I will note regarding the collar - it is the best training tool we have in our arsenal. My husband volunteered or may have been volun-told to test out all the the collar settings on palm before we put it on Callie. It feels much more like a TENS unit that you'd use at a physical therapists office than what I'd imagine a shock collar would feel like.

It also has an incredible number of settings that allow you to use the lowest possible setting needed in order to obtain your dog's attention. We use the collar every day, especially during our training classes - and as I mentioned above, Callie loves nothing more in the world than participating in class.

Seriously can't wipe the smile off that dog's face when we're there. My 3-yr-old Shiba started to show some aggressive behavior toward other dogs and a little defiance toward me, so I signed him up for 3 day training sessions.

Misia, Leslie and Crystal were great! I'd just drop him off in the morning, go to work, and swing by on the way home. They worked with me and made sure I knew all the stuff they taught him and provided many helpful tips to help me pull rank and show him who's alpha.

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  • We had our private lesson yesterday and Remy didn't even move when Crystal's dog invaded his bubble. He was a relatively good dog to begin with, but given that I could see such an improvement, even after day one, is truly impressive! I would highly highly recommend Sit Means Sit to any dog owner! I knew from the very first meeting with Krystal that they are the best in town. I love that they have you come in so you can see the facilities, talk through the training, test out the collar btw from the review that claims it's a shock collar I personally disagree.

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  • They let you test it out on your hand and it just is a buzz that is like a tap on the shoulder for the dog when they are highly distracted. Just an additional tool like body language and voice commands I also like that they don't pressure you into anything.

    Our lab is so sweet but has really high anxiety. Could never walk him nicely on a leash, had to use an easy walk harness. He also could never focus around toys, would ignore us in parks bc he only had attention for the ball someone else was throwing. Now he can walk nicely on a leash, listens to us still and always will be working on it and the BEST feature I love is the "place" command.

    Having him place on his cot that you receive when your pet comes home is so great. Dinners are no longer interrupted bc he just hangs out on whatever we place him on.

    Which is also a fun game to play with him.

    All of them have been beyond helpful with my two fur babies. Over the past year, she had become increasingly reactive, needy, jumpy, and protective of us.

    I cannot say enough positive things about SMS. And I swear your dog will be happier and more relaxed too! Sit means Sit has changed my quality of life with my dog Duke. Now just 2 shorts months later Krystal has taught me to control him inside and outside. He even took a class with 6 other dogs and did great! It truly is about learning to relax and be able to enjoy your dog in daily life not just walks.

    The cost is very reasonable and is worth every cent. Thank you Sit means Sit for changing our lives!!! We have a 4. Both dogs were really pretty good as is, but there were a few things we really needed to address, including that the puppy liked to chase the cats. We scheduled our free consultation and opted to go with the one week immersion program for both dogs.

    Favorite things about this program: Yes, it is an investment and is expensive you get a little discount with two dogs , but it really was worth it for us and our family our cats are significantly happier! Our pups are better behaved in general, even without constant training. All of them have been beyond helpful with my two fur babies. I signed my dog, Tater, up for a multiple week board and train program to address some general behavior issues, in particular issues like poor recall and her overall manners.

    I'd seen a friend have amazing results from the program with a very active and excitable Australian Shepherd, so expected great things. To begin, the staff are all incredibly friendly and transparent.

    Mr Barnes March Opies toy is so peaceful and relaxing and great views and walks, would recommend to anyone wanting a relaxing peaceful holiday! These trainers are life savers! Just an additional tool like body language and voice commands I also like that they don't pressure you into anything.



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