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How to get your toddler to stay in bed? Some determined toddlers will climb out of their cots for the privilege, while even formerly good sleepers can sometimes change their habits at different stages in their development.

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This is disruptive for parents, but could also affect siblings , too. What can you do about it?

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  • Try this Stay in Bed technique - as with anything child-related, it's important that you're consistent and follow the steps. Soon you should create the right environment for your child to stay in their own bed all night. Steps to keep your child in bed Follow a calming bedtime routine.

    youtube cot bed Youtube cot bed

    The second time, do the same but use a firmer voice and make the kiss and cuddle brief. What else might help?

    As little ones get older and more alert or nosy they can start to resist being covered up — regardless of how much we parents know they need to nap. Delivery charges and other Financial Services products are not available on Buy Now Pay Later and will appear on your next statement.

    That way, you can give him a star on the nights he gets it right and not focus on the nights he doesn't. We'd love to know whether this technique worked for you. Share your story with us via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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  • Getting Bedtime Back on Track: The Bedtime Routine, as seen on the show, ensures your child gets enough sleep, while you get time to yourself. Clingy children often have sleep problems. As seen on the show, this technique helps your child to get to sleep by herself, so you can get some proper rest… Controlled Crying: It sounds simple, but why is controlled crying so challenging to put into practice? Experts from the Millpond Sleep Clinic answer your questions. The Supernanny website gives some simple advice to make bathtime bearable.

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  • Positive attention and praise are the most effective rewards for good behaviour, and the Reward Chart is a useful way to reinforce good behaviour on the spot. Share your toddler troubles and take a look at other parents' tips to keep the kids in bed.



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