beech cot Beech cot

Unpainted, you can be sure you child wont be chewing on toxic dyes or chemical compounds such as VOCs which contain formaldehyde and are often found in MDF and the like. Also, its fuss-free, uncluttered style means it should suit in any room. How is the Sniglar to put together?

beech cot Beech cot

As usual, the whole kit and caboodle came Ikea-style in a big wooden box. Armed with an allen key, a screwdriver which got minimal use, and a little wrench-thing, I set about building.

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  • I had one false start when I put the end on back to front ignoring holes required to adjust the height of the mattress, but all in all it took just an hour from start to finish. This was perfect because it meant it was completed in that all-important window between feeds.

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  • The sides cannot be removed on this cot, the position of the mattress can be at the higher and the lower level. Luckily I reckon that the dimensions of the Sniglar 80cm x 66cm x cm , with its ever-so-slim profile and neat frame — are as small as you can manage in a full-size cot, making it perfect for cramped flats or small spaces.

    beech cot Beech cot

    To be honest, I wish Ikea did a full matching furniture range. I did love the look of the now defunct Leksvik series but it got discontinued long before bubs was born.

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    Can you move the Sniglar around easliy? How comfortable is the bedlet? Is it nice and comfortable, the mattress base itself is now made of a close-knit polyester mesh stretched over a sparse wooden frame, which I really like. This allows for maximum air-flow and shows the Sniglar putting safety first.

    As if that wasn't fantastic enough, the actual purchasing of the cot gave me some of the best customer service I have ever received. Full 4-section profiling maximises comfort as well as meeting clinical needs.

    Do be aware though that if you use a movement monitor such as the Angelcare you will have to get a plywood panel to fit between the mesh and the mattress to provide solid support for its pressure pad.

    Is it value for money? Yes, it certainly is.

    It annoys me that babies cots are so traditional, not taking the needs of the children into account. It is so easy to use and keep clean. Lucy Bostock 5 Absolutely love our Knuma Huddle - a really well-designed, sturdy piece of furniture that straps securely to our bed.

    But as I said earlier, you get what you pay for. I noticed a couple of little knotty patches on the wooden cot spindles as I built it, so I gave them a quick sand to make them nice and smooth for exploring little hands and mouths!

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  • Who is the Ikea Sniglar Cot best for? Cost-conscious parents will be the first to reach out for the Sniglar but anyone who appreciates unfussy design will be won over.



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