best cots for newborns Best cots for newborns

But even if the hotels provide cots, will you be confident about the cleanliness and condition of them?

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Plus, you should also consider the following factors: The ease of assembling or folding down the cot. The need for buying an extra mattress. The level of stability of the cot if the baby stands up on it. The level of ventilation it offers to the baby.

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  • Inovi Cocoon Travel Crib Designed as a modern alternative to the moses basket, Inovi Cocoon Travel Crib will accommodate your new born for their first six months. Its compact fold and high-quality material make it an ideal crib both at home and outside. Pros The canopy and mesh sides allow you to enjoy picnics without the fear of insects coming over to the baby. Besides, its ventilation-friendly material allows fresh air.

    Cons Since the mesh net is delicate, there are chances that it may invert in case of too much pressure.

    With its side panels made of net fabric, this travel cot makes it easy to watch your baby. It comes with a removable crib fabric and mattress cover. Both items are machine-washable.

    Carrying handles are a useful feature, enabling you to move the basket around the house so your baby is always close by. Lots of babies like to suck when they go to sleep. Types of baby cot bed mattress There are three main types of cot bed mattress, all of which offer different benefits:

    Cons Since the mattress has to be placed on the floor, it becomes difficult to lower your baby and lay them down. Cons Its legs are spread out in a way that the cot may take up a larger space. Want to manoeuvre the travel cot after assembling it? All you need to do is lift this light-weight cot and take it to the next room.

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  • As you lower the cot, its locking system secures it to a fixed position. Pros It comes with a water-proof mattress. This helps you avoid stains caused by accidental spills.

    See Best Price Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot Are you one of those budget-savvy parents who are always on the go but are worried about the restless baby? Pros It comes with fully-padded rails. It all fits in a carrier bag. Babyway Classic Travel Cot is your best friend at home too: Pros It comes with a base layer that is removable.

    From new borns to three-year-old toddlers, its multipurpose feature makes it an accommodating travel cot. Cons Since the mattress is thin, the cot can be better used as a play pen.

    best cots for newborns Best cots for newborns

    But if you want to let the baby sleep in it, you can invest in an additional mattress. It takes some time to lock all the four sides of the cot. If yes, this small cot will be a smart choice to lay your baby in while you enjoy the trip comfortably. Plus, the two attached soft toys will keep the baby smiling.

    Never shake your baby No matter how frustrated you feel, you must never shake your baby. The safest position for a baby to sleep is on their back, never on their tummy or side.

    The mattress is thicker than the ones available in other travel cots. Cons It comes in grey and plain black colour only. Offering tent-friendly features, this travel cot comes with two-pole frame and roomy interior. Pros With its zip-lock panel, it easily fits into a single bag. Its arc-shaped structure protects the baby from insects.

    Cons It will take some time in assembling the cot.



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