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  • Please see the availability information on the product listing page for the current stock status. Pre order allows you to reserve the item before the stock arrives. In some very rare instances for countries outside of the EU your parcel may get delayed in border customs but this is completly out of our control and this usually adds less than days to your expected delivery date.

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  • We just require the packing and contents to be all nice and neat, as you received it. We are confident you will like your order.

    All other countries can also return your order for free but unfortunately at this time we cannot return shipping costs. This warranty is offered in addition to, and does not affect, your statutory rights. What is covered under your 12 month product warranty: To help speed things up, when you email us please include your order number, a picture of the issue and your serial number.

    When you see your baby drifting off during a feed, end his meal and finish his bedtime routine before laying him down while he's drowsy but not asleep. Now I chose to spray paint over brush paint for two reasons:

    In some cases we may need to collect the part if its the chassis for example and carry out a repair in our service centre. If this is the case we will arrange the collection and re-delivery through our couriers and there will be no costs to you. Warranty Terms and Conditions This product warranty is our quality promise to you. We guarantee that this product is free from defects in workmanship and manufacturing materials at the time of purchase.

    After purchasing your product s , please keep the original order number safe. It will have been emailed to you at the time of order. If your product suffers a fault during the warranty period we will always endeavour to repair or replace like for like.

    However, we reserve the right to discontinue a model, colour fabric or accessory.

    brown cot Brown cot

    If this occurs then we will replace your faulty item with one from our range which is of the nearest colour and value. Where products or parts are replaced or repaired during the warranty period, this does not extend the warranty beyond the 12 month period from date of original purchase. The warranty can be used by the owner of the product at any given time within the warranty period as long as the original proof of purchase can be provided.

    Please note that our liability under this warranty is limited to the repair obligations set out below.

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  • We do not offer any monetary recompense for any claims under this warranty. However, nothing in this warranty affects any of your statutory rights. Accidental Damage If you do happen to accidentaly damage your product, do not worry.

    Photographic evidence is much appreciated to show what has been damaged. If this is the case we will arrange the collection and re-delivery through our couriers and there will be no costs to you.

    We offer low cost spare parts on almost all products and parts. Contact us for further information.

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    Please provide receipts where applicable. You May Also Like.



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